This week, the number of companies in the Estate Intel Web App directory increased to 2,218. We wonder if you fully understand the possibilities that abound in this count – taking into account that the directory is a free feature on the ei Web App.

In this article, we’ll share in detail how you can find real estate market players and their contact information with the ei Web App.

Search Out A Prospects’ Contact Information.

Log in to the ei Web App, and click the ‘View Database’ tab as shown below.

Click on view database on the ei Web App dashboard

It will take you to the Directory. There are two ways you can search for prospects on our directory:

  • Filter by ‘Company Type’ or ‘Country’
  • Use the directory search engine

Of the two listed above, using the directory search engine is more efficient. However, we’ll go into each in detail.

Filter by ‘Company Type’ or ‘Country’

On the ei Web App directory, entries are classified into 66 company types, and you can easily filter by company type by locating the company type column – on the left hand side of the screen – and ticking the checkbox for the company type you’re searching for.

Tick the appropriate checkbox for the company type you’re looking for on the ei Web App directory

Upon ticking the checkbox, you’ll notice that the list to the right has been revised – also in alphabetical order. From this point, you can scroll to the bottom and easily browse through each page for your prospects’ company.

Scroll through each page on the ei Web App directory for more search results

If you know the country that your prospects’ company resides, you can also filter by country at the top right corner.

Filter ei Web App directory search results by country

Use The ei Web App Directory Search Engine

To make searching very easy, we added a search engine to the directory, and it’s located at the top left corner of the directory list (highlighted in red below).

ei Web App Directory Search Engine is Highlighted in Red

Simply type in the prospect you’re searching for, and if it’s present on the list, it will come up in the search results. Here’s an example:

Use the ei Web App directory search engine to search for prospects’ contact information

You can also find the company type, website and contact information to the right of the company listing.

As you can see, searching for real estate market participants and their contact information is quite easy on the ei Web App .

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