To access the City Reports feature, hover your mouse on the Reports button, and click on Interactive City Reports.

The feature gives you access to information about property sectors in various cities in sub-Saharan Africa. This is ideal for developers and investors because it provides contextual information on key metrics they are interested in before they make any decisions.

To get started, select a city, your area of interest in this city,  and the property sector. 

A general description of the city is provided above, then an overview of the property sector in that area is given. 

The Leasing tab shows typical leasing practices.

The Construction tab shows the property stock and pipeline construction.

The Supply tab shows the current stock of property and breaks it down by status.

The demand tab shows occupancy rates and the drivers of demand in the property sector.

The Maps tab shows the exact location of the area.

We are constantly updating this feature of the app to ensure that it is valuable to users, we will be adding more cities in the coming months.

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