To access the Construction Costs feature, hover your mouse on the Analytics tab, and click on the Construction Cost

The Construction Cost service provides you with information on the development cost of a pseudo Grade A commercial office building in Lagos by a tier 1 contractor. The cost is broken down per sqm. The pseudo GFA is 25,536 m2 and GLA is 21,450m2. The property is a speculative development for multi tenanting with double glazed curtain wall facades.

The feature  gives information of the cost per sqm of: 

• The Facilitating Works tab; this is, demolition works, works involving the removal of hazardous and deleterious materials, and soil stabilisation

• The SubStructure tab which entails what is basically regarded as the foundation

• The SuperStructure tab which gives info on Frame, Upper Floors, Roof, Stairs, External Wall, Internal wall and Doors

• The Internal Finishes tab which entails the Floor and Ceiling Finishes

• The Fittings & Furnishings tab which includes, fittings, fixtures and furnishing of the property

• The Services tab which gives info on Sanitary appliances, Service equipment, Disposal, Electrical, Lift, Gas, Specialist and Water Installations, Heat Source, Communications, Security and Control systems and so on.

• The External Works tab which shows the cost of site preparation works,ancillary buildings, external services  and landscape 

• The Preliminaries tab which entails erection of scaffolding and the installation of site services.

There is also a tab with a summary of all expected construction costs.

Please note that all costs are as at Q4:2018 and USD Conversions at N360/$1.

If you have any questions, you can reach us via the blue icon on the screen and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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