To access this feature, hover on the Database navigation link and click on Retailer Insight. 

On the Retailer Insight page, you’ll see a list of categories that retailers belong to. When you scroll down, you’d see a table showing a list of all retailers with their category, the number of outlets they run, whether or not they have a Franchisor, the kind of property they occupy, the space they occupy, whether or not they’re a foreign or local company and their growth plan.

We will be using the “Health and Beauty” category as an example. Clicking on the Health and Beauty category shows a list of retailers in this category. When you click on any of the retailers, you’d be able to get more information about the retailer. For example, Black Up Boutique has outlets both in Lagos and in the Federal Capital Territory. They have outlets in Lagos at Ikeja City Mall and Alausa.

Also, if you know the name of the retailer you are looking for, you can use the search feature. For example, let’s search for Bobbi Brown. The table shows search results that matches the search parameters you provided. When you click on any of the results, you’d be able to get more information about the retailer you clicked on.

Finally, you can combine categories to be able to view retailers from more than one category. For example, clicking on the Leisure and Entertainment category will show a result set containing retailers from both “Health and Beauty” and “Leisure and Entertainment” categories. You can combine as many categories as you want. 

I hope you now understand the concept of the Retailer Insight feature. If you have any questions, you can reach us via the blue chat icon at the bottom-right of this page.

Thank you.

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